5 tips for keeping your sex life alive during isolation

5 tips for keeping your sex life alive during isolation

Keeping your sex life alive whilst staying at home

Now I think we can all agree that these last several weeks of isolation have been challenging to say the least. Many of us are battling with working from home, childcare or no job at all and this can put a strain on life as we knew it, however your sex life doesn’t need to suffer... Take a look at our 5 top tips to spice things up in the bedroom, or another room if that’s your thing. 


  • Grab your favourite toy: There are thousands of sex toys on the market, buy why complicate things? Reach for your favourite vibrator- ours is the Alive Midnight Quiver Suction Vibrator with a vibrating suction at one end and simple vibrator at the other, and give yourself that mind blowing orgasm you’ve been waiting for. 

  • Explore the world of bondage: Now this doesn’t have to be extreme (unless that how you like it) a simple bit of restraint and domination bondage can really help to turn you both on. Take that sleep mask that’s hanging off your headboard and make good use of it. By taking away the sense of sight it increases your bodies other senses, in particular touch, with delicate caressing your bodies can be taken out of this world! 

  • Move away from the bedroom: Why not explore other areas of your home, who doesn’t love a change of scenery?! Mix things up a bit and take your sexy play to the living room, use the sofa to try the ‘Leap of Faith’- with him sat on the edge of the sofa with his feet flat on the floor, stand with your back to him and legs straddling his, lower yourself down onto him, from here build up a steady rhythm. A great one for wandering hands!   

  • Netflix and Chill: There’s plenty of classic films out there that are bound to have scenes which get you hot under the collar, so grab the popcorn, light those candles and get ready for a ‘cosy’ night in... Our favourite saucy flicks include; Pretty Woman, 9 ½ Weeks, Cruel Intentions and Unfaithful. Enjoy!  

  • Games Night: Now everyone instantly thinks of Monopoly or Scrabble when it comes to a games night, but this isn’t just any games night... Why not try one of our saucy couple’s games; Bedroom Commands Board Game, Monogamy or our Glow in the Dark Love Dice, perfect for when the lights are off!
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